Pretty Dirty Work

13 May

Welcome!  Doesn’t it makes sense that if you are obsessed with food you love it all, down to the banana peels & onion skins & lettuce scraps?  Well, I am obsessed and I do love it all.  So much so, that I find the bits & pieces in my kitchen compost bucket to be not just an interesting visual diary of what my family ate, but also a pretty play on colors and textures.  In fact, sometimes the countertop pail is nearly as colorful as … my dinner plate … or the bunch of roses I just picked from the garden.  So, after months of admiring the changing bucket art, I started taking pictures …ImageAnd see?  Interesting, isn’t it?  Kind of a fun and different way to look at food.

My Daily Compost will be the spot where I can share my day-to-day photo diary, the occasional recipe based on what’s in the bucket, food & garden musings, and some basic dirt on how to do the whole compost thing yourself.

Here’s to thinking outside the (compost) box!

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