Toss It Tuesday

21 May

True confession: There is ALWAYS something hiding in my refrigerator that is gross.  Not “moldy-leftovers-ready-for-bio-class” gross, but “I-bought-this-with-high-hopes-but-never-had-time-to-prep-it” gross.  Or even, “there’s-too-much-of-this-to-ever-use-up-so-now-it’s-rotting” gross.  Are you with me?  Do you have this stuff too?  Good, because I’m officially dubbing the second day of each week “Toss It Tuesday”.  If we clean out the fridge weekly we can avoid nasty “can-I-catch-a-disease-from-this” surprises.  That, and my trash comes on Tuesday, but whatever.  Here is this week’s toss:



Why did they go bad?  Good question; they are actually one of my go-to green sides.  We love them roasted with parmesan or steamed, then pan roasted with garlic.  My best guess is we were too busy.  It takes a LONG time to trim each end, wash, and cook.  Obviously more time than I wanted to spend this week.  Every time I looked at that bag of beans,  I looked away.

 As an aside, I’m actually nominating May as the busiest month of the year; even busier than December.  December might technically be more frantic, but you’re celebrating stuff.  In May, you’re just stressed.

But, back to the bucket.  There is more … (clockwise from top):

  • sad, slimy, unappreciated green beans
  • kale stems
  • rose petals
  • baked sweet potato skins

What you can’t see:

  • honeydew rind
  • banana peel
  • eggshells

What I made with all of this … not much:

  • Banana, Mango, Blueberry Smoothie
  • Soft boiled eggs with toast
  • Honeydew chunks for lunchbox & snacking
  • Baked Sweet Potatoes with sauteed kale

So, what is gross in your fridge?


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