Bland Bucket

01 Jun

Um, yeah, can you tell we’re running around?  Here we have cantaloupe rind – not even chopped like I normally prep it for easier composting – and an entire bunch of practically black banana skins.  That’s all the food I prepped for the entire day.  Melon for breakfast, no lunch and  dinner out.  But it was an amazing ballet recital & spring concert!


Secret Smoothie Tip:  I hate soft “ripe” bananas, so when they get to that mush point I’ve got to do something or throw them out.  I hate banana bread too, so, here’s what I do: peel the bananas, gently break them into chunks (you won’t even need a knife) and put them in a single layer on a cookie sheet.  Cover with wax paper or plastic wrap (if you aren’t opposed to it) and freeze.  When they are firm, toss them into a freezer bag, and bingo – banana ice cubes for smoothies.  Or, a cold, creamy, sweet snack!

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