Sunday Supper

02 Jun

FInally, time to breath … time to relax … ah, Sunday.  After Mass we had visited the local nursery where we got free ladybugs, along with eggplant and pumpkin seedlings, and a new birdbath bowl.  We also popped into Whole Foods for fresh veggies after weeks in the ballet rehearsal/performance food desert.  That meant time to clean out the fridge!

Things you can see (clockwise from top):

  • A few badly bruised, inedible Ranier cherries (love these so much more than regular dark, sweet cherries)
  • Pre-cut organic carrot slices (normally don’t buy these because they taste stale and dry out quickly, as pictured here, but they are an easy snack with hummus)
  • Chopped cucumbers (cut WAY too many and they just got old.  Sad.)
  • Rose leaves from performance bouquets
  • Herbs – bay leaves, cloves, allspice & peppercorns
  • Damaged yellow & red cherry tomatoes
  • Spinach leaves
  • Avocado rind


What you can’t see:

  • Saturday’s Bland Bucket
  • Lots and lots and lots of leaves from the many flower bouquets my ballerina received for her weekend concert
  • Eggshells

What I made with all of that:

  • Croque Monsieur, my breakfast version of grilled cheese.  There are lots of recipes out there (and I’m including Ina’s because she does butter better than just about anybody) but I keep it simple because I don’t have time in the morning to whip up a bechamel.  Besides, don’t you think that’s just too heavy for the morning?  So, here’s what I do.  Assemble my daughter’s favorite grilled cheese componenets: artisan bread, ham, good muenster cheese, and mayo (because she hates dijon).  Dip that sandwich in two eggs beaten with whole milk & let it soak a bit until it’s eggy, but not a soggy  mness.  In a hot pan with lots of salted butter, quickly fry until golden, and here’s the important part!  Turn the heat to low and cook until you can see the cheese melting.  Only then can you flip it over, turn up the heat again to fry until golden, and then flip it on the cutting board.  Let it rest a minute before cutting so the cheese doesn’t ooze, and hooray!  Grilled-cheese-french-toast-so-my-girl-doesn’t-pass-out-in-Mass breakfast.
  • Avocado, Pesto Parmesan Ham and Spinach sandwich for lunch
  • Brined roast chicken (truly yummy, brining is not just for your Thanksgiving turkey)
  • Roasted tomatoes because I had ’em and I love ’em


I don’t really use a recipe for these any more.  They are that simple.  Cut the tomatoes in half, drizzle with good olive oil on a cookie sheet, sprinkle with sea salt (I used pepper this time too – take my advice and don’t.  It intensifies and it fights with the sweet tomato yumminess.) Bake these at 225 degrees for about two hours or until they are dried to your taste.  They will look like this:

tomatoes roasted

I can pretty much guarantee you’ll eat this entire pan once you taste one.  It’s kind of like “cleaning up” the edge of a cake or pie.  You’ll just nibble away until you have a tiny handful left to sprinkle in your salad, or toss on your soup, or… into your mouth.  In the event you have more self control than I do, cool these tomatoes, put in a glass jar & cover with a bit more olive oil and store in the fridge.  I hear they last for weeks.  Ha!


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