Toss-It Tuesday: Vacation

18 Jun

I’ve been away exploring beaches and climbing mountains in the Pacific Northwest while back in the ATL, fruit has been rotting in my fridge. Guess my house sitter opted for frozen pizzas and bagels instead of the good stuff…

What you can see (clockwise left to right):

  • onion skins
  • rotting peaches
  • a smattering of dried & fresh flower petals from my daughter’s fairy house construction (center)
  • Watermelon (cut up for more efficient composting)
  • black banana peel
  • a wrinkled peach
  • a rotting apricot
  • teabag (minus string & tag)
Toss-It Tuesday Vacation

Toss-It Tuesday Vacation

What you can’t see:

  • half of a moldy cantaloupe
  • more watermelon
  • paper from two garlic cloves

What I made with that:

In a nod to my coastal adventure, I made a quick Linguine with White Clam Sauce using onion, garlic, canned clams, butter, olive oil and white wine.




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