Bare Bucket

19 Jun

Bare Bucket

If jet-lag could be conveyed in food, here is what it would like:

  • eggshells – exactly seven
  • banana peel
  • espresso grinds
  • a few shriveled blueberries
  • one chive stem
  • garlic paper

So, how is that jet-lag? Well, I’m not sure about you, but when I am tired (exhausted) I crave comfort food. That means scrambled eggs with ham, white cheddar, chives and a bit of garlic to add interest. Coffee: extra strong espresso with warmed whole milk and some real maple syrup for a to-die-for maple latte. A banana for a snack.

When I’m tired AND it’s also rainy, baking is mandatory. Five of those eggs made their way into a Triple Berry Pound Cake with Chambord. It’s what I had in the kitchen … It was so yummy and was eaten so quickly I don’t even have a picture to share. Next time!

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