Almond Beets & Roasted Figs

01 Sep

Two of my favorite things in the world are beets and figs and this bucket has both.  Now, I’ve never had them together, but they are the ingredients in two killer recipes, one of which I can share.  But first, the bucket …


What you can see (clockwise from left to right):

  • Eggshells
  • Tops of brown turkey figs
  • Peel from red beets
  • Basil flower & tip
  • Orange peel & leftover orange section
  • Rosemary sticks (minus leaves)

What I made with all of that:


  • Almond Beet cookies (I am also the baker behind Cookie Underground.)
  • Bacon Wrapped Roasted Figs (I’ve made these many times and here is my recipe tweak: To make these more bite size, I cut the figs in half, put the honey dipped rosemary sprigs on the cut side, wrapped in a half piece of good bacon, & baked at 325 for 30 minutes.  Run under broiler for a minute if bacon is not crisped to perfection.  Don’t skip the orange balsamic glaze!  The recipe is too sweet without the acidity of the vinegar – but I skip the oil.)  Even fig skeptics enjoyed these!
  • Soft-boiled eggs & oranges for breakfast

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