Toss It Tuesday: Cilantro

04 Sep

Are you like me?  I look at each bunch of attractively arranged leafy greens and herbs at the market and imagine all the yummy dishes I can make … I buy a bunch or two (or three), and feel so virtuous when I use them immediately.  I try to plan my meals around using these delicate beauties first.  Anyway, not this week.  I managed to push these greens to the WAY back of the fridge where I kind of L O S T them… Here’s another yucky episode of Toss It Tuesday … At the last minute I added dinner scraps too.

Toss Tuesday slaw 9.4.13

What you can see (clockwise from top):

  • Eggplant trimmings
  • Leftover slaw from Labor Day (love this so much and forgot to stick it in the fridge – argh)
  • An entire unused bunch of cilantro (my most favorite herb, right behind thyme, and basil … an herbal bronze medalist … just FORGOTTEN)
  • Eggshells (These posts make me realize we eat A LOT of eggs!!!  These were breakfast.  Again.)
  • Celery tops (once gorgeous, now slimy.  Actually grew the celery in my own dirt and put the tops aside for “later”.  Thank goodness there is still more in the garden.)
  • Lemon & two lime slices (lemon was for hot lemon water to start the day & limes from a Starbucks refresher.  It’s my daughter’s go-to treat)

My resolution this week (and every week):  USE ALL THE FOOD I BUY.

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