College Essay Buckets

13 Sep

Hard to believe my middle boy is on the brink of college, but he’s turning 18 soon and is in the midst of college app stress.  School visits … early action deadlines … the dreaded essays … self reported grades … SAT and ACT scores … common app … writing supplements … if you’ve been there you know the variables.  It’s practically an algebraic equation.  And once you hit send on your life’s body of work, the waiting game begins.  Essentially, it’s a year of of craziness.  And it is WAY better than junior year (but that’s another story entirely).

What’s a mom to do?  Edit, proofread, and equally important, prepare healthy, nutritious meals for both physical and emotional sustenance.  (That sounds like it came from the nonexistent “Handbook for Parenting Your College Age Child ” or “How To Help Your Child Succeed WIthout Him Realizing It” but I digress.)  Scanning the fridge and pantry I made Potato Corn Chowder:

potato corn chowder 9.11.13

Then, Pasta with Bolognese Sauce (grass-fed beef too!)

bolognese bucket 9.13

And, even a preferred summer staple meal, Roasted Vegetables with DIjon Vinaigrette over Rice

roasted veggies & rice 9.17.13


Apparently, none of these meals was quite what my generally healthy guys was craving.  Maybe it’s because he’s a sugar fiend (yes), maybe it’s because he’s stressed (yes, and me too), maybe it’s because a shiny new showplace store opened up on the way home from school (oh my), or maybe it’s because it’s Friday the 13th (that too).  Whatever the possible cause, according to my son, THIS is the perfect college essay food:

krispy kreme bucket 9.12


He even left one in the box for me.  Gosh, I am going to miss him when he’s not around.  (And a side note to his grad school brother: we’ve been missing you for years too.)  Hugs all around!

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