Toss It Tuesday: Guilt

02 Oct

I sort of hate this weekly post.  All through the week I find myself trying to have NOTHING to toss from my fridge on Tuesday … and that’s a GOOD THING!  Knowing that I have to photograph what I did not use keeps me on my toes.  It’s so easy to buy more than we need.  I can’t resist getting whatever veggies or fruits look fresh when I pick up my raw milk, regardless of what I already have in the fridge.  All of a sudden I have a really full fridge and then it’s a puzzle to everything them into meals so we don’t waste anything!

Apparently one way to avoid wasting food is to plan your meals.  I’m not a big meal planner; instead I think of a handful of dishes to make for the week and then I cook those according to my mood and the weather.  (You know, we don’t like chili on a hot day or salad on a cold day.  I’m grateful for the luxury of choice.)

Anyway, I’ve gotten so much better, but sometimes I still overbuy.  As you can see here.  Those raspberries are my guilty toss of the week.


What you can see (clockwise top to bottom):

  • homegrown cucumber peels & stem ends
  • pineapple core (my Vitamix blends this well, but we hate the strings, so…)
  • lovely but moldy raspberries (I bought two containers at Costco but should have known better!)
  • banana peel
  • orange peel

What I made with all of that: smoothies & fresh cukes for lunch.  Surprisingly, Toss It Tuesday has become the best day for using up all our leftovers.  Less guilt all around and THAT is another GOOD THING!

My message for today is BE MINDFUL!  Americans waste A LOT of food, so try to break the trend and not be part of the statistics.


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