Toss It Tuesday: Yuck

08 Oct

Costco is not my produce friend.

I like LOTS of things about Costco: organic maple syrup, organic chocolate milk, organic evaporated cane juice, organic eggs, cheese, trash bags, wine, flowers, and surprises.  But produce … not so much.  Why?  There is just TOO MUCH of the SAME THING.

So, you can probably guess what I bought in excess at the big box.

toss it tues use 10.8.13

What you can see (clockwaide top to bottom):

  • fennel stems & fronds
  • tangerines, moldy, squishy or hard, NEVER tasty (Costco)
  • green onions
  • mushrooms, lots and lots and lots of mushrooms.  You can;t see them all but they are there. (Costco)

So, that’s a pretty big bucket of yuck…

I roasted the fennel bulbs with carrots, but despite my best intentions, never found a use for the fennel stems.

These tangerines were never good.  I thought they’d be perfect because, even for tangerines, they were tiny, but they sat unloved for weeks in the produce drawer.  They came home uneaten in lunch boxes.  My husband, who can eat a bag of oranges in a sitting, ignored them.  I hear compost bugs LOVE citrus.  I’ll let you know if they get tossed out of the pile …

The mushrooms were lost in the back of the fridge … how, when the container was the size of fridge shelf I can’t explain, but they were hidden.  I now realize that one kid who loves shrooms + one kid who hates shrooms = 8 ounce container.  Lesson finally learned.  Who ever said we don’t use math in daily life?

I wish green onions were sold by the piece.  I’d only ever buy one stem, maybe two.  Wait.  I just realized that’s what everybody would do, so the onion farmers have banded together and insisted on bunch sales.  This makes me cry!

Until next toss day … eat up your veggies!

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