Clean House Chicken Dumplings

04 Nov

Call me old fashioned, but I like having a chore schedule.  Since Sunday is (hopefully) a day of rest, I’m actually ready to tackle house cleaning on Monday.  It’s been nearly a year since my cleaning lady went back to Poland (oh, how I miss lovely Christina and the way she folded our towels) so it’s up to me to keep it clean.

While I am scouring the kitchen, doing laundry, vacuuming & mopping floors, cleaning windows and avoiding bathrooms, I typically have a pot of chicken stock simmering.  You know, kids get SICK of chicken soup once a week, so I freeze the stock and turn it into other acceptable soups, like asparagus, fish chowder, corn chowder, Italian meatball,  potato leek and sometimes, chicken & dumplings.  Nothing says cool fall day like Chicken & dumplings.  We prefer the dumplings rolled out and cut instead of drop biscuit style.  For good measure I baked a batch of chocolate chip butterscotch chip cookies and no one could say they did not like Mondays.


What you can see (top to bottom):

  • onion skin
  • parsley stems
  • pomegranate seeds & skins
  • carrot scrapings
  • celery stem (I usually plant these in my garden but I have enough right now)
  • carrot ends
  • lemon half (morning tea)
  • banana peel (morning smoothie)

Here’s to a week as productive as Monday!

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