Compost Jalapenos?

04 Nov

So, let’s clarify.  It wasn’t my party.  It was an engagement party on All Saint’s Day for a dear friend whose daughter was marrying my’ son’s high school football teammate.  They were overwhelmed so I catered some of the food!  Woohoo!  I was pretty busy all day making four different appetizers for a hundred people each, so I forgot to take photos, but I did grab this one because it posed a dilemma for me: to compost or not to compost all those SEEDS!


See what I mean?  Those are seeds & stems from 36 jalapenos.  (The apples were leftover from the Halloween Party the previous day.)  I’m not typically fond of composting seeds, because I do not cover my compost pile and in the winter it does not always heat up enough to kill them off.  I really don’t need a million mini jalapenos popping up all over my garden.

But, on second thought, this summer was extremely rainy, and all my pepper plants performed dismally.  Re-seed volunteers are almost always heartier, so I made the executive decision to put all those seeds in the pile.  And I walked out and threw them in before I could waste more time debating with myself.  That’s why there is no pictorial evidence of the rest of the food I prepped.  Except for this exciting bucket of lettuce cores …

catering bucket 11.1.13

I can however, tell you what I made.

  • Jalapeno Poppers (Found this on Pinterest and it’s a keeper.)
  • Bacon Wrapped Potatoes served with Salty Chive Sour Cream (If you eat bacon, you should make these.  I can almost guarantee you will LOVE them.)
  • Mustard Dill Tortellini Salad Skewers (I’ve made these lots of times and they are super popular.  I mean, there are never any left.)
  • Mini Wedge Salads on Skewers (No recipe, just think wedge salad & cut your iceberg lettuce SMALL, stick a skewer through it and drizzle with your favorite toppings.  We used feta, black olives, chopped tomato and ranch dressing.)

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