No Thyme For Elderly Pears

05 Nov

If I only had real TIME I would have nothing to toss on Tuesday…   I had such high hopes for those pears!  (Other than eating them out of hand obviously.)   I planned to make Chocolate-Cinnamon Pear Loaf Cake from the November Better Homes & Garden,  but life go in the way … First you poach the pears, then bake them whole in chocolate batter so that when you slice the bread you see gorgeous pears. Potentially pretty and tasty!     When my pears got soft, I figured I’d just skip the poaching step and bake away, but somehow I never found a spare minute even for that.  Sadly, the link does not show the mouth-watering picture of this bread so you’ll just have to pick up the mag if you want to see it (it’s on page 140).  Or maybe I’ll get around to baking it this month and share my own photo …

By the way, this bunch of PDF (pretty darn fresh) thyme mysteriously went black in my fridge.  Quite odd, because thyme is a STAPLE in my kitchen and I use it almost daily.  If I was ever profiled on the back page of Gourmet magazine (which is now impossible because the magazine is gone) and they asked me what three ingredients they’d find in my fridge, thyme would be on the list.  Bet you can guess the other items if you look back through compost history (hint: smelly and sometimes makes you cry).  But I digress.  Again.


For now, however, these are my elderly pears.  And black thyme.  RIP.


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