Compost Success! Black Gold

06 Nov

Cue up the old Commodores tune and sing with me … Celebrate, good times, come on!  There’s a party goin on round here … It’s a compost party!  Ok, I took some liberty with the words.  But, yes, the heard gardener (aka my dear hubby) raked out the summer’s rich compost, fluffed it up, and filled a wheelbarrow, then called me (with some urgency) to come see it rich, dark, awesome, black goodness.  Do you love it?  Are you Dancin’ in the Streets with me?


THIS is your reward for diligently collecting your daily kitchen scraps, lawn clippings, leaf rakings, piling them in a heap, adding water, sun and time and being PATIENT for a few months.  The best part of the story?  My head gardener was able to get not one, not two, but THREE wheelbarrows filled with compost from this mature heap, which we were able to use in planting a whole new bed in our front yard.


Inspired?  If you are not composting yet, what are you waiting for?  There is JUST enough time now to cook up a winter batch to pamper your spring garden.

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