Sunday Supper: Beef Stew

18 Nov

What is it about Sunday that makes you want to slow down, relax and have a great meal with your family?  Maybe it’s just the way I grew up, but Sunday is a different kind of day.  It’s a day to slow down and savor not just a wonderful meal, but life.

It’s kind of hard to tell our meal from this bucket, but give it a try.


What you can see (clockwise top to bottom):

  • six eggshells
  • orange peel (left over from a lunch box)
  • bay leaf & thyme stems
  • iceberg lettuce leaf
  • onion & garlic skins
  • four TAZO “Focus” tea bags
  • carrot scrapings

What I made with all of that:

Beef Barley Stew, a simple wedge salad, and a Cranberry Custard Pie that was NOT a winner. We were test driving this for a Thanksgiving option, but while tasty, it did not make the cut!

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