Toss It Tuesday: Lemons

20 Nov

After months of documenting what I clean out of my fridge and throw away each week, I think that I might be getting better at shopping for just what my family needs.  Either that or I am getting lazy cleaning things out each week!

Actually, the catalyst for thriftiness has been getting a weekly vegetable share from my local farm.  There is a fair amount of pressure to use up that whole veggie bin when you know that more veggies are coming in seven days.  (As an aside, if you have any good turnip recipes please share!)

In any event, this weekly toss is SMALL:


What you can see clockwise (top to bottom):

  • lemon peels
  • apple core & peels
  • banana peels
  • eggshells
  • The toss it item for the week is one old lemon and one questionable lime – yippee!

Clearly, I made nothing special with this basket … a few smoothies.  It was a busy day, busy with after school activities, and it was a mom-needs-cooking-time-off Chipotle dinner night.

The moral of my story: If you eat all your veggies every day, you have none to throw away!

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