How Sweet It Is

19 Dec

Last night we used up the remainder of the teeny, tiny, amazing locally grown sweet potatoes.  I had an entire small basket full, most no wider than a banana, and many much smaller.  Obviously too small to bake, I peeled and simmered these in salted water then mashed them with just a hint of real maple syrup.  Yum.  They were the centerpiece of supper.  Like eating dessert first!

Of course, all that sweet needs some personality and greens always fit the bill for bitter.  I had two final farm share bunches of kale and swiss chard, so chopped those & quickly sautéed in olive oil with a bit of garlic and splashed with apple cider vinegar.

The least exciting item on the plate was a garlic and sage crusted roast pork tenderloin.  Eh.  It was conventionally raised and we are so used to grass-fed and/or pastured meats that this was just fine.  Protein on the plate.  We ate it and throughly enjoyed the veggies.  It made me realize why we gave up meat for year.  I’d do it again in a heartbeat if my girl (and I suspect my active boys) didn’t need maximum iron.  (And please no comments on how meat is not necessary for optimum health.  My girl was severely iron depleted and I did not even know it.  Plus, I’ve been a carnivore, vegetarian, and short-term vegan and realize every person (family) needs to make their own personal diet choices.)

Anyway, here’s my daily bucket … Image

What you can see (clockwise from the top):

  • eggshells (scrambled eggs for breakfast again)
  • banana peel (smoothies too)
  • lemon half (my morning brew of lemon, hot water, apple cider vinegar & local honey)
  • garlic paper
  • sage stems
  • sweet potato peels (lots hiding underneath too)
  • kale stems
  • swiss chard stems
  • clementine peels (snacks)

Now, what’s for dinner tonight?  And Christmas is right around the corner … need to make plans NOW!


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