Oh, Yes! Organic!

19 Dec

Paging back through various entries, I’ve noticed that I’ve omitted indicating whether our vegetables are organic or conventional.  That’s because the vast majority of veggies we’ve eaten over the last few months have come from our weekly farm share and are grown without the help of chemicals.  While not officially labeled “organic” (because that process is labor intensive and pricey) these vegetables have been grown locally using natural farming methods and no pesticides.  The additional veggies I’ve picked up to supplement are primarily organic.  I’m not a big fan of GMO’s.  I don’t want them on our table and I surely don’t want them in our compost pile reaching their little genetically modified roots into my own lovingly tended organic veggie beds.

Not sure which veggies suffer most from conventional farming methods?  Check out this list and this one for some interesting reading.  I find it fascinating that sweet corn is on the “Clean Fifteen” list when it is one of the most widely publicized GMO crops.  I routinely buy organic frozen corn unless it’s the middle of summer and Publix has Georgia corn on sale for twelve ears for a dollar.   But it’s nearly winter now and fresh corn of any kind won’t be on our table for months …

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