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My Compost Still Overfloweth

Can I tell you how many blog posts I’ve written since mid-December?  Sadly, they have all been in my head.  Through the winter we’ve been eating (feasting actually) faithfully composting, and even taking photos of said compost … what I have not had time to do is write about it (except in my head).

First it was the holidays, then the holiday hangovers, then New Year’s with all its resultant resolutions (which I have obviously broken), then it was a huge original ballet that we were involved in with yours truly working on sets and costumes and a pretty darn fabulous cast party, and now it’s my husband’s semi-surprise “speed limit” birthday party.  Plus, it’s been really cold.

Phew.  It’s been a wonderful, memorable two months.  And I promise to share the highlights … soon!


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