Snow or Spring?

03 Feb

Snowmageddon … Atlantarctica … one week ago, you might have heard about a little snow in Atlanta that kind of shut the city down.   Thankfully, no one in my family made the headlines and we were NOT stuck on the icy roads.  Delighted to be home safe and snug, we built a cozy fire, sipped some hot chocolate, and prayed family and friends safely home.  It was a long, long night of prayer.

The next morning nearly everybody had made it to their destination and we woke up to seventeen degrees and a winter wonderland with sledding and snowmen building on the menu.  Keep in mind we had three INCHES of snow.  But, a Southern three inches is quite equal to a northern three feet.  Well, maybe not, but it’s enough to make us all giddy with snow-joy.   And, can I just say I love having a girl after snowball fights with two boys.  Our snowmen was actually a snow-girl.  With accessories.  Isn’t she cute?


Naturally we took lots of snow pictures, including the compost pile.  Those light brownish bits are eggs shells and orange peels.  Our breakfasts will be feeding our garden before we know it.


Here’s the compost bucket.  It’s much prettier in the snow.


And, of course, the veggie garden.  Isn’t it kind of magical too?  Collards are supposed to get sweeter with a light frost but I wonder what snow will do?


Well, fast forward a week.  Today, it was over sixty degrees, and instead of snow boots I was wearing flip flops.  (And shorts, but don’t tell anybody.)  My winter garden looked like spring was around the corner too.  The collards were not even limp and frozen, but rather lush and firm.  They should be on the menu this week.


So, what’s the point of this compost-less post?  A meme I found on a friend’s Facebook page page said, “I don’t always experience four seasons in two days.  But when I do it’s in Georgia.”

I think that sums it up nicely.

By the way, the compost bucket… what you can see (clockwise top to bottom):

  • banana skins
  • old rose leaves from my daughter’s winter ballet concert flowers
  • potato peels
  • yellow onion peels and stem ends

What I made with that:

  • Mashed potatoes with buttermilk and crispy fried onions (in my family this dish is comfort food in the biggest way)
  • Frozen strawberry and banana smoothies

I think tomorrow’s forecast is forties and rain.  But I’ll keep you posted.

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