It’s Still Winter

04 Feb

Well, we’re back to brisk winds, bone chilling temperatures and the lovely addition of steady rain in the ATL today.  It’s just the kind of weather that calls for hearty soup and freshly baked bread and luckily I’ve got lots of those recipes up my sleeve.  Unluckily, my kids have eaten variations on them plenty of times.  So … what do you do when you are armed with a fridge full of veggies but aren’t in the mood for anything you can think of to make?  I used to haul out one of my many cookbooks, but now I’m just as likely to browse through one of many, many entries online.

Here’s my compost bucket and I’ll give you three guesses what I decided to make.


What you can see (clockwise top to bottom):

  • eggshells (for breakfast scrambled eggs and cheese)
  • banana peels (the ubiquitous smoothie)
  • carrot peels and stem ends
  • onion skin and stem ends
  • a moldy tangerine (my only Toss-It Tuesday item, woohoo!)
  • broccoli stem ends and stalk peels

If you guessed a knockoff of Panera’s signature Broccoli Cheddar Soup then you win the homemade bread bowl to go with it.  Yes, my kids are huge fans of that soup and while it’s not even in my top ten, the homemade version was surprisingly delicious.  I made it nearly exactly like the recipe too (subbing homemade turkey stock and next time I would add more because it thickens A LOT).  The recipe bonus was the quick and easy bread bowl.  Keep in mind that you have to pull lots of bread out of the bowl to fill it with soup.  But that warm bread (spread with Kerrygold butter) was the best part of the meal.  It was warm and soft and encouraging enough to get me out the door to take those veggie scraps to the chilly compost pile!


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