Toss It Tuesday: Avocado

11 Feb

Does your grocery store have those too-good-to-be-true deals?  Ten for ten dollars, five for five dollars, etc… Normally, I glance and look away.  I rarely need five or ten of anything, except last week, the avocado deal was too good to be true.  Five for five bucks.  Well, we love avocados, made into guacamole, on tacos, in sandwiches, even as a snack.  Good deal, right?  

Apparently, in the winter, avocados do not hold the same appeal as in the warmer months.  Three was all I could palm off on the troops and even I had trouble mustering enthusiasm for any more of their green goodness.  After a week, they developed the telltale black shade, the sickening squishiness, and then finally the mold spots that told me loud and clear to never succumb to grocery marketing again.  Know thy eating habits!


Sad, aren’t they  I threw them on the pile, seeds and all.  Maybe this spring we’ll have a volunteer avocado plant shoot up somewhere.  And then I’ll probably yank it like a weed.  Oh well, the thought was good for the second it lasted.  Happy Toss It Tuesday Y’all!

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