Strawberry Compost for Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

Are you one of those Valentine’s Day lovers or haters?  I’m firmly in the “love it” camp.  What’s not to love about pink and red in the middle of the winter?  I decorate my house accordingly with lots of hearts in every nook and cranny and get excited about making treats for kids’ classmates, family, friends, and neighbors.

As a matter of fact, until last year, my daughter hosted a “Craft-tea Party” where she and her girlfriends could make Valentine cards and crafts (get it, craft-y?), eat sweet treats and drink tea out of pretty cups.  Sadly, those friends are now at the age where they would prefer to host a dance with b o y s, so we keep the crafting to ourselves.  Small sigh, but it’s okay.

And then there was the snow.  Four days off from school pretty much cancelled all Valentine plans, but we didn’t lose heart!  Remember those brownies and cookies from yesterday’s snowy buckets?  We decided to wrap those up and spent a satisfyingly long time crafting pretty little tags and delivered these to all of our neighbors.


Obviously, we did not create much in the way of kitchen scraps that day.  Here’s the daily haul:


What you can see (clockwise top to bottom):

  • spent primrose leaves (from cheerful primrose plants on my kitchen counter)
  • onion skins & stem ends
  • TAZO teabags (I hate that the tag is upside down, and yes, I took it off before composting)
  • strawberry tops
  • garlic skin

What I made with all of that: Cherry Heart-Shaped Valentine Pancakes with Strawberries and the traditional Valentine’s Day Two Bean Chili.

Ok, so chili is NOT traditional, even in my house, but we had a scheduled soccer game that night (even with a week out of school) so I knew a fuzzy holiday celebration was not in order.  Good call.  After a freezing night watching from the snowy sidelines we were ready to celebrate a big win with warm cups of chili.  It’s always good to trust your instincts!

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