Sunday Supper: Cauliflower Steaks

17 Feb

How many times can I sing the praises of a Sunday meal with family?  Is there anything more satisfying than knowing that one day of the week is dedicated to time spent leisurely preparing a meal, then leisurely enjoying that meal around the table with the people you most love?  For a mom who loves food and a family who appreciates that food (most of the time) I think not.

This Sunday was even more enjoyable than usual with two things to celebrate: my middle boy was accepted to his top college choice (It’s great to be a Florida Gator!) and my oldest boy made a surprise visit home for one day.  Woohoo!  Time to pull out the stops in the kitchen.  In my house food is love.


What you can see (clockwise top to bottom):

  • cauliflower stem end & leaves
  • kale stems
  • strawberry tops
  • Pink Lady apple peels (organic from local farm and amazing, plus lots more peels underneath)
  • more cauliflower stem ends & leaves
  • banana peel
  • half of a lemon
  • TAZO teabags (underneath)

What I made with all of that:

If you are a cauliflower fan, run, don’t walk, to the nearest grocery and buy a head (or two) so you can make that delicious cauliflower recipe.  I’ve been wanting to try it for weeks and it was everything I expected it would be; rich, creamy and delicate all at the same time.   By now you know I am a recipe tweaker, and this one is no different.  The initial cook time is longer than stated, with at least five minutes per side to begin caramelizing and I used half olive oil/butter combo.  As well, I used a higher milk to water ratio for the puree.  And it was amazing.  Just saying.

For the Roast Pork Loin recipe, I simply subbed dried, freshly ground coriander seed for the rosemary, added some olive oil to make a paste, then rubbed it into the meat and let it sit for about six hours.  I took it out an hour before roasting so that it was not ice cold going into the hot oven, ensuring a more even roast.  It, too, was wonderful.  Dipped into the cauliflower puree, it was memorable.  The side of kale added just the right bitter finish.

Hungry?  Run out and get some cauliflower!


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