Leftovers … and Dryer Lint

04 Mar

After all that weekend sunshine, it turned C O L D again!  Brrrr!  Forty feels freezing when you’ve been frolicking in shorts and flip flops.  No garden work for me!  It was one of those days to curl up by the fire and read…  Or tackle indoor chores…

I’m a creature of habit.  Monday is clean up day: vacuum the carpets, mop the floors, begrudgingly clean bathrooms, change the sheets on the beds and lots of laundry.  Sound horrible?  Not really, since Monday is set aside for cleaning I’m not scrambling every day to fit in time to keep things tidy.  Off and on over the years I’ve had people to help with cleaning and it’s a luxury that I love, but it’s also one that it’s easy to cut out of the budget fore me.  There is something to be said for a shining clean house at the end of the day that you have scrubbed yourself and a pot of something delicious simmering on the stove.  I know that’s a little June Cleaver-ish.  Oh well, I be true to thyself, right?  And really, I never clean in heels, but I do wear pearls …

Back to laundry.  Did you know that you can compost dryer lint?  Technically you can, but I don’t.  First of all I have two big, barking, shedding dogs and I count on my dryer to remove most of that from my clothing.  I think I saved my lint I could quickly have enough fur for hair shirts or new dogs.  I don’t want that dog fur in my garden beds.

Secondly, while many clothing fibers like cotton and wool are eventually biodegradable, they take time a long time to break down.  Plus, so many natural fiber cloths are sewn with synthetic thread or are treated with flame retardant substances.  We try really hard to avoid all chemicals but we don’t live in a bubble.  I cut out dyer toxic dryer sheets years ago, but I’m still don’t want my dryer debris nurturing my vegetables.

On a quick side note, my dryer simply stopped drying today.  Crisis!  It was late and I had lots of wet soccer stuff that needed to dry for a Tuesday game.  Luckily I also had good neighbors with dryers.  We’ll see what the week brings!

But back to that little something delicious simmering on the stove.  Thank heavens I had leftover chicken in the fridge from my Sunday bird.  Luckily it still had lots of meat on it, so I turned that into a warming, bubbling chicken pot pie with a crispy rye crust oozing with carrots, summer squash, peas and potatoes … and I delivered  it to a friend whose hubby is in the hospital.  I also made a simple salad and a dessert of all sorts of citrus drizzled with honey.  For my family, I simmered those chicken bones into soup.  Lent (and sacrifice) is just around the corner.

chicken pot pie & stock 3.3.14

What you can see (clockwise top to bottom):

  • carrot scrapings
  • yellowed parsley leaves
  • hydroponic romaine lettuce leaves
  • sweet onion skin & stem ends (with a sticker!  Argh!)
  • potato peels
  • half of a lemon
  • summer squash ends

Here’s what the bucket looked like when I tossed the citrus peels in.  Aren’t blood oranges pretty?

citrus salad 3.3.14

Now I’m off to call appliance repair …


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