Toss It Tuesday & Ash Wednesday

06 Mar

So, with a broken dryer, I spent the week channeling my grandmother and hanging out my wet laundry to dry.  No kidding, I washed some light “dog” blankets that cover my sofas, put them out to dry in the frigid temps, and just when I was ready to bring them in I realized it had been raining for ten minutes.  Ugh!  Wet again!  I truly began to identify with all those pioneer books and English countryside novels where the women wait for sunshine to wash or have to hang wet laundry over the Aga in the kitchen.  Button down shirts and undershirts, ballet tights and leotards, and lots of soccer stuff was hanging everywhere.

Midweek we fasted for Ash Wednesday.  God was giving me some things to offer up and be thankful for let me tell you!  I reflected that these little deprivations followed two months of washing dishes by hand due to a broken dishwasher, a Monday spent preparing a meal for a friend and having only broth for us, and now wet clothes on my counters.  My comfort go-to is always a cup of tea or a quick Starbucks drive through, but I’ve decided that I’m drinking only water only for Lent, so how to chill?  A sip of water and a prayer … feeling spoiled and living in a land of no real wants, I definitely need forty days of Lent.


What you can see (clockwise top to bottom):

  • yellow onion skin & stem ends
  • sugar snap peas ends
  • garlic paper
  • clementine peels
  • used lime wedges
  • Toss It Tuesday shriveled cabbage (left over from weekend tacos)
  • organic strawberry tops
  • hiding underneath: cabbage core, banana peels, orange peels, more citrus

All I remember making with this bucket was the obligatory morning smoothies, a big pot of haluski (cabbage fried in butter with noodles – a staple in my family growing up and one of our four family food groups even now) and quick roasted cod with red curry sauce that is similar to this.  I was a little too worried about how hungry I was and how much I really wanted a warm cup of tea in my hands.


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