Pleased to meet you, I’m Kimmy.  I am your average, quirky, really happy wife and mom who loves food, family, and having fun (but not necessarily in that order).  I think that creating a home is one of the most important things we can do, and it is as much a place to be as it is a warm feeling in your heart.  What does home conjure up for you?

For me, it means a beautiful, clean, and well-kept space to relax, kick off your shoes, snuggle up on the sofa with a book, a big dog or two, and a cup of tea.  It means a kitchen full of yummy smells and even yummier meals and treats, not just at holidays, but day.  It means dinner on the back deck with family and friends and fun cocktails in the summer sunshine.  It means a veggie garden where you can nibble a cherry tomato from the vine, pick cucumbers to make your own pickles, and dig potatoes to your heart’s content.  It’s the place where the kids know their friends are always welcome and the friends know that there is always the promise of home-cooked meal or tasty snack.  It’s a place where you feel comfortable enough to sit, relax, and stay a while.

I hope this blog is simply a reflection of my home philosophy.  Want to know more trivial but interesting (to me anyway) tidbits?

kim & cookie

  • I love the planet.  I know it’s trendy these days, but we’ve composted off and on for nearly twenty years (more on that later).  We recycled when you had to separate newspapers and magazines and plastics and glass and drive your stuff across town to the recycling center.  We’ve given up plastic water bottles and unnecessary packaging as much as possible.  My daughter’s friends asked her if her mom was an “eco-freak”, perhaps because she takes reusable containers for lunch, filled with fresh fruits and veggies, every day.  Her response, “I guess so.”  Well, if the glass shoe fits … there are worse things to be known as!
  • I love food.  That’s pretty trendy now too.  In fact, when I was debating writing a food blog, I came across theTop 100 Mom Food Bloggers.  Wow.  Clearly a lot of moms love food too.  But, how many moms love compost?  Ah-ha!  Rotting food … not a list yet for that category!
  • I love baking.  In fact, I created Cookie Underground, which bakes yummy, organic, vegetable cookies.  I spent three years having a lot of fun creating flavors, selling at Atlanta area farmer’s markets and the monthly pop-up Atlanta Underground Market.  It was a heady experience to be praised by chefs and food pros, little kids and trendy food hipsters alike.  We were even one of only five confectionaries featured at the prestigious  Atlanta Food & Wine Festival.  But you know what?  The stress of building a successful business really interferes with maintaining the relaxed and welcoming home environment that’s so important to me.  I finally decided that, right now, our family is way more important that the high that I get when I sell out at a market or get kudos from a food critic.  A time and a season for everything … look for a proper bakery in about five years …
  • I love gardening.  My head gardener (my beloved husband of over 25 years) can attest to that because he is the one who’s been recruited for hard labor.  Who dug up the 30 David Austin roses bushes and moved them to our new home?  Who dug out, built frames, hauled dirt to fill them and then helped plant our five raised vegetable beds?  Who turns the compost and hauls it to the garden when it’s time?  Hubby, hubby, hubby!  And what do I do?  All the easy stuff, like planning, planting, harvesting … mostly I enjoy the fruits of his hard labors.  Thanks, honey.
  • I love writing and words.  Obvious, right?  In my life before kids I handled public relations and marketing for a luxury hotel company.  After kids I did freelance writing for the same company, plus legal and medical writing (b-o-r-i-n-g).  I also did PR and fundraising for my kids’ school and just about every volunteer party-planning event that found its way to my door.
  • I love to create.  I never met a craft I didn’t like and have an entire room devoted to pursuit of … whatever I’m in the mood for.  I think everybody needs a creative outlet.  If you don’t have one go find one right now.
  • I love a lot of other random stuff:  big dogs, planning parties of all kinds, classical music followed by NPR followed by more classical music, singing silly made-up songs to fit every occasion pretty much every day to my kids equal delight and dismay, run-on sentences, alliteration, roses and peonies, coffee after three o’clock, family dinners especially on Sunday, holidays, new clothes, waking up early, clean sheets, birds, books … yep, that’s random, and I’ll stop now.

One concluding thought, “What matters in life is not great deeds, but great love.”  These are the words of one of my favorite saints St. Therese of Lisieux and ones that I reflect on each day.  Whether I am writing, or gardening, or cooking, or reading a book to my child, or even composting, I am consciously doing it with great love.  Hopefully that is evident in the home I am continually creating!


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