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Wacky Winter Weather

It was heartening to find some signs of spring today after gearing up for the second terrible winter storm that wasn’t.

Is it just me or do you think that society as a whole is universally freaking out about impending weather?  The Atlanta mayor actually declared a state of emergency in anticipation of potential snow, essentially shutting the city down.  We were repeatedly warned to be home by 4:00 pm and to stay in for the night.  No exceptions.

I’m a rule follower by nature (and a driver raised on Southern roads) so that meant that I had to forfeit tickets last night to the musical “Wicked” … only to wake to the same slush on my deck that  had been there since nightfall.  Clear roads added insult to injury.  Was I peeved?  Yep.

At least there was a tiny cheery snowman to greet my day.

snowman 2015

And here are the welcome bits of greenery bravely pushing up shoots in my backyard, some still in snow, some in weak sunshine.

sign of spring

My vegetable garden even held a couple of surprises.  Collard greens and mustard greens are always better when they’ve been kissed by frost. Notice the mesh netting to keep out hungry deer.  Sadly everything else in the garden is long gone.

garden greens collage 2015

We are DONE with wishing for a snow day.  We’re just waiting for spring in ernest.

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Nearly Fall Garden Y’all!

There’s been a breath of cool air in my neck of the woods!   So … we’ve spent the last two weekends pulling summer veggies, tilling the beds, adding compost, and prepping for the fall garden.  Exhausting and exciting and exhilarating work.  But here’s the end result for the first two of my five beds:


Isn’t a garden pretty when you first plant the seedlings?  Even though it was nearly eighty degrees when I dug them in, the temps have been dropping into the low sixties in the evening and the plants seem pretty happy.  They have been in the ground about ten days now and have doubled in size.  I’ve finally learned my lesson to plant at the end of the summer and not wait until it’s cool!  Every year I have done that my plants are struggling to gain size before the cold hits.  So, this year I have high hopes for cruciferous veggies all around.

The left bed is half broccoli and half brussels sprouts.  The right bed is all collard greens, with room for swiss chard (once I make pesto out of that last remaining basil plant – already have eight jars in the freezer).   Notice the repurposed triangular tomato cages acting as mesh holders.  Very effective way to keep the bunnies from munching.

This weekend I’ll be adding swiss chard and arugula seedlings, as well as potatoes.  Seeds include two kinds of carrots and beets, plus lettuce varieties.   Hopefully my favorite helper will find a new spot once I’ve tucked the seeds in!


This is Lily and she definitely has a dog’s life!  (She’s curled up in the summer black eyed pea bed.)

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