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Compost Pencil Shavings?

My son takes AP Art.  My daughter home schools.  My pencil sharpener overfloweth.  Can I compost the pencil shavings?


Yes, of course.  But I’m feeling iffy about this one.   On the one hand there is no lead in pencils.  It’s actually graphite and the pencils are made of wood.

On the other hand, my shavings are mostly from colored pencils, which are colored with what?  I have no idea.  And they aren’t graphite either.  They are made from chalk, or clay, or wax, or a combination of those items and some other things.  Hmmm …

Even though the wood would not be harmful and the amount is practically minuscule in my large pile, I tipped this container in the trash and continued without regret on my happy way.

I think this item is a personal decision.  So, the burning question is, do YOU compost pencil shavings?  Why or why not?

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